Spice DianaSpice Diana

It was a great weekend for many artists and content creators while the Janzi Awards were going on. Though many artists weren’t pleased with the eventual results that came from the management of these new awards and Spice Diana was one of them. Janzi Awards were organized in quite a short period of time, the voting and awards nomination took only 20 days all that artists did not like.

Hajarah Namukwaya alias Spice Diana has come out to trash the Janzi Awards 2021, saying that they were not fair and full of favoritism plus selfish interests.

Spice Diana
Spice Diana

She also questioned why the organizers asked the fans to vote yet the end result depended on the organizers themselves.

For the Janzi Awards in Particular
1. What was the rush to organise an award ceremony in two weeks. What was the intention of the event?
2. Why did you allow the fans to vote if the final verdict depended on the opinion of just the “academy” who we are not sure of their interests.
3. We congratulate every winner however what are
the criteria you used to determine the Artist of the year. I know so many great artists who deserved that accolade hands down if you want to elevate the art industry let’s have clear-headed people without selfish interests out of our art industry. Open us up let us go back and work” Spice Diana posted.

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