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Gagamel boss Moses Ssali also known as Bebe Cool, Mr. Big Size, has revealed that he is not to retire any soon.

Bebe Cool has been in the music industry for more than 20 years. His eldest son Paper Daddy real names Allan Hendrick has also joined the same industry to pursue music as a career.

The ‘Love you everyday’ hitmaker who is now in his 40s said he still has 20 years to go in the music industry and so his singing career is yet to grow more and more.

Bebe Cool revealed that his being in the music industry for a long time is to keep the health competition on and good music in some artists of his age like Chameleone because he had relaxed.

Bebe Cool has continued to make songs, such as his latest single Tik tok, while also encouraging his son Allan to succeed in the profession.

“I recently told Chameleone that I will retire in 20 years and that was a wake-up call. He has now started releasing music again. He was starting to relax,” Bebe Cool said.

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