Part 2: Yvonne Nakankaka and Dr. Cephco’s Video Tape Is Allegedly Leaked | Watch

Earlier this year, social media was rocked by a leaked video clip allegedly belonging to TikTok influencers Yvonne Nakankaka and Dr. Cephco, but now, months later, another portion of the same clip has caused a stir.

According to reports, an 18+ tape belonging to famous TikTokers Dr. Cephco and his girlfriend Yvonne Nakankaka is already available. Part 2 of the Dr. Cephco and Yvonne Nakankaka video has been released. The tape has already begun to trend, and as we all know, this is how such rumors begin, only to become true.

Nakankaka, on the other hand, came out to deny being the one in the video in a lengthy Facebook message.

The internet is abuzz this evening with praise for Yvonne Kankaka for pulling it off.

Click here to watch Part 2 of Yvonne Nakankaka video

Part 1: Watch Cephco And Yvonne Nakankaka alleged video

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