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You must have come across omugenzi memes on social media and wondered who the elderly man in the picture is. Godrey Jjemba Matte is the man who has made a name from reading announcements on burials and vigils. Godrey Jjemba is a farmer from Kyerima in Kayunga district.

Godrey Jjemba Matte

Dissimilar to many who get excited after becoming famous, Jjemba is concerned about his safety. His concern is about identity exposure which might trigger the Police or the Government to carry him away and get tortured.

Jjemba explained his fear of getting famous while appearing on a local TV Station.

Many have made fun of his picture by adding captions on it for example, and here are some of our favorite Omugenzi memes from Omulanzi Godfrey Jjemba Matte;

  1. “Omugenzi afudde lwakwesiba kubantu”
  2. “Omugenzi yalaamye nti ekisaati Kya Drew nekipale Kya Diyo mukiwe mugandawe”
  3. “Omugenzi mubade mumulaba nga’asimbula. Era talina kya bugaga kyalese”
  4. “Omugenzi abade achillinga ne ba big boys tayina kyalese ku nsi”
  5. “Omugenzi afudde tewali amulabyeko mu magazine”
  6. “Omugenzi abade DJ era nga ye mukuleeta vibe kabaka. Era tayina kyalese okujako vibuuu”
  7. “Omugenzi ekimuse kusiba lukalala. Era team ebadde emu bweti yemufudde kyali kati”

And many more….

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