Kyambogo VideoKyambogo Video

Jennet Nasasira a students’ leader at Kyambogo University is in a limelight after a videotape (Kyambogo Video) of her revealing her goodies made it to the internet.

In one of the videos, Nasasira can be seen only in her underwear while she sings along to one of Winnie Nwagi’s songs.

In another video, Jannet is on the bed lying doing all sorts of bad manners to herself as she fondles her own breasts.

In some of the pics, she’s seen squeezing her big pointed milf melons.

Nasasira Jannet has bowed and explained what actually occurred before her video was released resulting from excessive pressure. The former student leader from Kyambogo whose video footage appeared online is this person.

She has admitted that the viral video is hers however she is truly sorry for anyone who was harmed as a result of her acts.

University students are increasingly leaking their private videos online; the most recent example is a student from Bishop Stuart University, Mbarara, whose film of a giant bean went viral.


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