Ahereza Lukia, a TikToker from Dubai, is trending after she purposely leaked her young-looking Sumbie photos which mesmerized netizens.

On her day off, Lukia went to hook up with her Sekadama and after receiving several rounds she was excited which resulted in her taking photos of her juicy Sumbie.

Recently, social media aspirants have been striving for celebrity, and some are willing to go to extremes to achieve fame.


Starting from the motormouthed Ismael Sefuko alias Dr. Cephco, who was recently arrested and imprisoned in Kitalya Prison for abusing Full Figure, a presidential adviser.

As well as MC Chumi who was claiming to be Full Figure’s daughter is still in hiding after the self-proclaimed general threatened to throw her behind bars.

It’s now the order of the day for celebs to pull stunts for promotion.

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