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Terrence Howard, who once famously argued that one times one equals two, is changing the world — or so he claims.

The former “Empire” actor is currently visiting Uganda as part of a government effort to draw investors from the African diaspora to the nation, according to Nile Post. In a lofty presentation Wednesday, Howard addressed officials and claimed to have developed a “new hydrogen technology.”

“I was able to identify the grand unified field equation they’ve been looking for, and put it into geometry,” he claimed. “We’re talking about unlimited bonding, unlimited predictable structures, super symmetry.”

The actor spoke about some ambiguous Lynchpin drone project, which he described as a new form of flight that would replace drones and planes.

President Museveni, who attended Howard’s project pitch, later formally welcomed the actor and his partner to the country.

However, Ugandans on social media couldn’t just trust Terrence Howard’s words as he explained his hydrogen technology. After all, he hasn’t been the first African American (investor) to meet the President on “Developing Uganda” vows.

Starting with Senegalese-American singer Akon with his Akon City and Akoin to Kanye West’s Jurassic Park and now Terrence Howard with the mighty geometry of hydrogen. Whatever that means, Me and You!

Here are some of the retweets shared on Terrence Howard’s new technology via Twitter:

Terrence Howard and his wife Miranda Park grazing in Uganda

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