Témìládè Interlude Lyrics by Tems

So I thought mmmh, okey
So everybody was like 
Oo another boy is coming
So I kept telling them this is a girl

So why on earth can you be so shocked?
Ah-Ah what’s that rubbish 
Yes you said this is a girl
Her name is Temila 

They just forget the name I told you
And she is a special baby
So I kept on…laughing ye ye ye
You know those yoh
Maybe you had a dream about Ikabi
Most likely nobody can tell anybody’s you know
Whether is a baby girl or a boy

But I kept telling them
I got this is a girl 
Her name is Temilade
You cant just pick a name for yourself
Families give names
But I don’t know
But I know her name is Tem Alicia 

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