Ritah Dancehall

Ritah Dancehall has been released from jail after Sheebah called out Spice Diana for jailing the dancer.

It should be remembered that the dancer criticized Spice Diana’s concert at Lugogo and later came out saying Spice and her manager Roger wanted to kill her! This prompted Manager Roger to file a case against her because of defamation.

After Ritah Dancehall got jailed, this created a feud between the Sheebaholics and Spice Gadgets because many didn’t think it was the best way to handle the matter.

Additionally, in a post all over her socials, Sheebah expressed her thoughts on the incident by saying how she didn’t anticipate the matter to escalate and take that direction because she believed there could’ve been a better way to settle this other than Jail.

Bwetunasiba buli omu tunakomawa?? But then again, maybe thats just me. Let me make a phone call and see if there’s any way we can solve this as Mature, Kind & Respectful Humans.

Sheebah Karungi

Lastly, she said that it doesn’t have to be like this and both camps (Sheebaholics and Spice Gadgets) need more love & understanding.

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