Nathan Ssewa also known as Nathan Ssewaali is a Ugandan-born Canadian Producer, Artist, writer, mental health professional, photographer, and cinematographer.

Nathan whose music is soon taking over due to his exceptional talent and most Ugandans are starting to consume and love it, is signed under Sharpshot Media, the multitalented singer who also plays most musical instruments like Clarinet and 🎷 kick-started off his music production journey earlier this year and he has so far registered about three tracks on his name.

So far, he has released a project titled Movement, Rockstar, and Dreams Of Mine, which has got a good reception, and if he goes at this pace, he is anticipated to be the next big deal.

Music has always been his passion since childhood, and this is witnessed by his history of playing saxophones and other musical instruments since childhood. Hence, he was looking forward to when he could start pursuing it as a profession.

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