Herbert Skillz Skills on the beatHerbert Skillz Skills on the beat

The music fraternity in Uganda has enormously been down bad these years from the wounds of the global pandemic. Regardless the music producers in Uganda have continuously been producing and mastering music. Currently, it is gradually gathering momentum to become the biggest in the region — East Africa to be specific.

Taking you back in the day, it should be remembered that to have some quality audio, you had to go to Kenya since our industry was lacking in the production area and only a few good and experienced producers existed— but that was changed.

Producers like Steve Jean, Washington, and Paddyman among others were such a great pillar of the Ugandan music scene releasing good pieces of music at a time when the resources were scarce.

These are officially the finest producers in Uganda at the moment. Let me say as, at the time of putting this piece together, they are responsible for almost all the hit songs currently making waves in the country and beyond. This list and rating aim at shedding a spotlight on the big names behind the creative direction of the music-making process in Uganda.

List of Top 10 Music Producers in Uganda

1. Herbert Skillz (Skills on the beat)

Herbert Skillz (Skills on the beat)
Herbert Skillz (Skills on the beat) in Studio

Herbert Dramuke alias Herbert Skillz has been in the music industry since 2008. While at Eddy Yawe’s Dream Studio is when he produced so many songs and mastered his game better. Not forgetting he produced Bobiwine’s greatest album Kigwa Leero. Furthermore, he has a studio not only in Uganda but also in the United Kingdom. Some other musicians he has produced locally include King Saha, Bebe Cool, A Pass, Jose chameleon, Voltage music, Vinka, Jamal, and more.

On the international scene, Herbert has worked with musicians such as Wayne Wonder, Pitbull, Tory Lanez, Ed Sheeran, Honorebel, Sean Mendez, Beenie Man, and Shatta Wale among others.

2. Daddy Andre (A-andre on the beat)

Daddy Andre (A-andre on the beat)
Daddy Andre (A-andre on the beat)

Andrew Ojambo also known as Daddy Andre Not many producers can make good artists and vice versa but Daddy Andre has proved to be a maestro at both. Be With You with Gift of Kaddo and Becky 256 followed by Nkwatako, Bamusakata, John Rambo all by Sheebah, Smart Wire by Vampino, Dangerous – Ceaserous, Kimala – Desire Luzinda, Give Me More – Maurice Kirya and Vampino, and Akateteyi – Chozen, among others.

Andre also dabbles with singing, and his breakout single, ‘You and Me,’ starring Lydia Jasmine, was a major hit. He’s since released his own songs, including ‘Sing for me, Nsowela, Tugende mu church, Nangana, and Andele,’ the last two of which were collaborations with Nina Roz, a fellow singer.

3. Artin Pro (Artin on the beat)

3. Artin Pro (Artin on the beat)

Artin Pro’s real names are Martin Musoke a young, vibrant music producer who is the brains behind many smash hits ruling the airwaves right now. He has been in the game for almost five years now.

Artin Pro has his own studio Axtra Nation Entertainment, after moving from different studios like M.1 Studio, Keiton Studio, and JahLive Studio. Some of the artists he has produced include Rickman, Fik Fameica, Chozen Blood, Tip Swizzy, and B2C.

He’s worked with top artists such as Sheebah, Fik Fameika Karole Kasita, Apass, Bebecool and B2C, and Patoranking among others.

‘Omu bwati, Onkutudde, Kutama, Chupa ku Chupa, and Yaka are just a few of the best songs he’s worked on.

Artin is also credited for the first rise of local rapper Fik Fameika with whom they have worked together since the Buligita singer came onto the scene.

4. Nessim (Nessim Pan Production)

Nessim Pan Production

Nessim Mukiza a.k.a Nessim Pan Production is a gem in audio production. He has crafted beats for Ugandans and those in other countries. Some of his hit songs include Spice Diana’s Jangu Ondabe, Chozen Becky’s BankuzaBiri Biri, Turn de ReplayMummy yo, among others.

Nessim started his professional career way back in 2013 and soon enough Badi music spotted the talent in him and recruited him to their label.

The aptitude of Nessim producer has brought transition of the Ugandan music into an urban blend. Also, most aficionados have shown love for Nessim pan music creations ever since he was in Badi music.

Producer Nessim has recorded various hit songs for Uganda musicians including Ykee Benda, Lydia Jazmine, Geosteady, Sheebah Karungi, King Saha, Bebe Cool, and his international clients including stars like Koshens, The Ben, Cherry Na Nina, Patoranking, Harmonize and many more.

5. Eno Beats

Eno Beats

Enock Kisakye is undeniably the number one best audio producer in Uganda from 2015 to date Above all, he was nominated in the Afrima awards as the best producer in East Africa.

Most of the songs he produces are hit songs not only in Uganda but across the globe. For example, Copycat by Cindy, Katono by Bebe Cool, Muwe by Sheebah Karungi, Katono by Bebe Cool, Nkubika by Vinka.

Eno has his own studio known as Eno beats studios and has worked with top musicians such as Vinka, Bebe Cool, Sheebah Karungi, and many more.

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6. Sir Dan Magic

Sir Dan Magic

Real name Oyerwot Brenny Daniel, and working in Kamwokya-based Dream Studios, Dan Magic has produced the most talked about songs of Bobi Wine such as Engule and Kyarenga, but he has also been behind many other successful songs like B2C’s Byakyuuka, Irene Ntale’s Stamina Daddy by, Tukigale by Carol Natongo and Eddy Yawe, among others. 

He might be incarcerated now for his too much love for Hon Kyagulanyi but that doesn’t deprive him of the fact that he’s a great producer in the Pearl of Africa.

Dan Magic is regarded as a fine producer that even ghetto gladiator Bobiwine gave him a nickname of Sir which has stuck and gotten identified by his name.

He currently works in Dream studios owned by Paddy man which is the perennial studio from where Bobi wine has produced a majority of his career songs.

7. Bomba (Bomba made my beat)

Bomba (Bomba made my beat)
Bomba (Bomba made my beat)

Bomba, another outstanding young producer who makes it into the top list after leapfrogging a few producers, has created a name for himself in the music industry over the last 3-4 years.

Bomba who was working with Nessim at Badi music replaced the latter after he left to form his own music studio. As most producers have that catchy tags at the beginning of every song, so does Bomba who goes as ‘Bomba made my beat’. Or you might have heard Sound Change at the end of a song – that’s still him.

Bomba has produced hit songs like “Yitayo ondabeko,” “Sharpshooter,” “Jjangu,” “Love panic,” and “Repeat it,” among others, and has collaborated with vocalists like Vinka, Winnie Nwagi, Azawi, and Chozen blood. It’s safe to say the sky is the limit for the young producer.

8. Diggy Baur (Bow wow)

Diggy Baur

Baur is another top producer in the land with his own studio named Sabula records. Baur has been around the scene for some time and has worked with top musicians such as Chameleon, Pallaso, and Spice Diana among others.

Diggy Baur has two producer tags; one being Bow wow and the other ‘Sabula’

Some of the top songs he’s worked on include Kiboko fire collaboration between Chameleon and Kalifha Aganaga and Hannah by Pallaso among others.

9. Producer Ronnie (it’s Don)

Uganda is really blessed with massive talent when it comes to this field of producers. Born Matovu Ronald, Ronnie has produced some of the biggest songs in Uganda and absolutely deserves his place among the creme de la creme of Uganda’s top music producers.

Songs such as Ssemyekozo by Eddy Kenzo, Surrender, Wire wire, Mateeka, and Enyanda among others have been produced by him. In the due course, he’s worked with arguably Uganda’s finest artists such as Bebe cool, Chameleon, Eddy Kenzo, Sheebah, Vinka, and Geosteady among others.

He’s also a very great songwriter that has written some of the songs he produced for the same artist’s majority being Bebe Cool’s.

10. Dr. Fizol

Real names Patrick Kamya born in 1991 is a real gem of a producer who has worked with some of the best musicians in the country. These include Jose chameleon, Bebe cool, Pallaso, Eddy Kenzo, spice Diana, Korede Bello, and K-switch all from Nigeria among others.

He began his career in 2004 and is lauded as having been part of the successful launch of Eddy Kenzo’s music career in 2010. He went on to form his own music label and production company known as Avie records and this has seen the rise of artists such as spice Diana.

Fizol has been nominated a whopping three times in the prestigious AFRIMMA awards, Hipipo, and buzz Teenz awards.

Artin is also credited for the first rise of local rapper Fik Fameika with whom they have worked together since the Buligita singer came onto the scene.

Bonus producers

Kaysam Kumapeesa

He has been behind many successful songs like Hana by Jose Chameleone and Pallaso, Ontagaza by B2C, Born to Win by Fik Fameica,  among others. He works with Makindye based Switch Records.

T.O.N Beats Jessy Records

T.O.N is a singer of hip hop and other styles and a producer in the Music camp called Game Park Music. You’ve probably heard a lot more songs these years with the “T.O.N” producer tag. T.O.N has worked with artists like Karole Kasita, Latinum, Ziza Bafana, and many more.

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