Mukasa Mbidde and Mun GMukasa Mbidde and Mun G

If you’re a fan of Mun G, you must have heard one or two sampled voices of different people being mixed in his songs that put a smile on your face. This is because these sampled voices always have a trendy story or message behind them.

His style of rap music is so uniquely unmatched and we haven’t seen anyone come through with it. Okay, enough of the flattering talk. Today we’re explaining his intro from his Ontwala speed (Check lyrics here). The song was released in the covid year of 2020.

“When you the hobo pejoratively hobnobs with a hob hoblin, for me I’ll not kowtow in their Poohoo” the song starts. These were the arduous words of Mr. Mukasa Mbidde when addressing party members at the DP offices in Kampala back in 2017.

In an article by Matooke Republic, Mr. Mbidde was defending himself from claims that he was a double agent, eating from two plates that’s DP and NRM and that’s when he said “I can’t kowtow in their poohoo.”

“I can’t kowtow…” means he cannot submit to their subversive talk. He cannot humble himself and obey their demands.“….in their poohoo..” means useless cries of pain. So to add up the whole sentence, “I cannot submit to their cries of pain!”

Well, now you know where that intro comes from. Mun G remains the leading artist with the most sampled voices in their songs.

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