Mulungi KhloeMulungi Khloe

Mulungi Khole, aka Laloyo, “The Unknown Poet,” a tweep slayer, is now hiding after her nuduzi leaked online and disrupted the Lent period.

Catholics fast and give up the things they value most during the holy month of March as they get ready for Easter. Khole made the choice to disrupt them with nuduzi because the majority of people were holy.

Mulungi Khloe

Khole describes herself as a “Model || Dog Mom || Poet || Nutritionist” in her Twitter bio. Life with God is not immunity from difficulties, but peace within the difficulties. I’m a GEM”.

Despite her crying crocodile tears, our critics predicted this. She has always posted kimansulo photos and videos in a provocative manner.

She argues that they were released by her ex and that he is actively attempting to ruin her life.

My Ex is trying hard to destroy my life by sharing those nuduzi ! I used to send him that out of love because we’re in Long distance relationship Can’t believe it’s being used against me , Watch Out the People you Trust

Mulungi Khole

She also sent an audio crying that she is scared. But we doubt her claims.

Stellah🧘‍♀️ on Twitter: “Bambi Khloe 😭💔” / Twitter


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