Mikey Seems 2 FunnyMikey Seems 2 Funny

Born in the city suburb of Kawempe, the 25-year-old Michael Ssebamba who later adopted his stage
name Mikey Seems 2 Funny belongs to the Nkima clan (Muganda).

TikToker’s popularity Mikey Seems 2 Funny has been on everyone’s mind because of his hilarious comedy skits with his lover Bash. Of course, because of this, everyone is curious about his life, so today we take a look at Mikeyseems2funny’s biography, education background, relationship, net worth, and Tiktok.

Mikey is the only boy in a family of six. After the family relocated to another city suburb, Kibuli, where he was raised, the siblings were raised by their mother, Amina Nabbanja.

Background in Education
Mikey Seems 2 Funny, aka Michael Ssebamba, didn’t dropped out after his UCE level and now works as an LED screen engineer at Steve Jean’s Fenon Records.

If it wasn’t obvious from watching his TikTok video clips, Mikeyseems2funny is madly in love with Bash in real life. He’s even willing to go so far as to shield her from prying eyes, particularly malicious TikTokers who may be rude and abusive.

Comedy Career
In normal circumstances, Steve Jean, Mikey Seems 2 Funny’s boss of the past five years, is his employer, Fenon Events, where he works as an LED technician and event planner. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that his blood contains the ability to make people laugh through his comedy.

His interactions with some of the country’s biggest music icons while working at Fenon events only helped to expose his abilities. Interactions with artists such as Karole Kasita, Levixone, and A Pass gave him an extra push to pursue a career in comedy.

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