Masaka Kids Africana

Masaka Kids Africana’s YouTube Channel Listed Among Top–Earning Channels In Africa The Masaka Kids Africana’s YouTube Channel has been listed among the top – Earning channels in Africa.

According to an international survey carried out by CashNetUSA shows the all-time top-earning YouTube channels in the world.

American kids’ channel Cocomelon is the highest-earning YouTube channel of all time across all six continents, with an estimated $282.8m amassed from its videos since its creation in 2006.

As well as Cocomelon in North America, Europe, and South America also have kids’ channels as their highest earners.

Russia’s Like Nastya ($167.5m) and Argentina’s El Reino Infantil ($102.2m) have both amassed more than $100m from YouTube revenue in their channels’ history.

In Africa, the Egyptian channel Creative Crafts in Five Minutes leads the pack with over $8.8m earned over the years.

The All-time top-earning Youtube Channels in Africa.

Uganda’s dance channel Masaka Kids Africana comes in 7th place on the African list with an estimated earning of $1,341,980.

Masaka Kids Africana is a group of young and multi-talented kids from Uganda, Masaka (East Africa) using dance and music to support children’s education and social well-being.

The Masaka Kids Africana channel was created on 28th April 2018. Today, it boasts 774,195,426 combined views and over 3.29 million subscribers.

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