Lwasa and Haffie

Businessman Emmanuel Lwasa is very unlucky when it comes to women. Not long ago, he was a happy man after proposing to his new catch, Haffie who said yes.

Haffie, however, appeared in the media a few days ago and said it was a stunt. And that there was no romance between the two.

In an interview, Lwasa claimed Haffie ran to the media because she was disappointed over his refusal to buy her some items she asked for.

Lwasa went ahead to relay that Haffie’s family has been pestering him to become a Muslim which he says he can’t do.

“Her family members stopped her from getting a husband who is not a Muslim. I can’t change my religion because of a woman,” he says.

This is the fourth woman who had dumped Lwasa in a space of two years. He might need to visit his ancestors for blessings because love continues to elude him.

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