Jose Chameleone

Jose Chameleone asks his friends and fans for forgiveness after admitting it was wrong to kiss his brother Weasel on stage during his recently concluded concert.

Weasel and Jose Chameleone appear to have kissed on the lips during the Gwanga Mujje concert, which has sparked debate among netizens.

“My sincere apologies to the general public. Weasel and I are brothers and family men. We were caught up in the heat of the moment,” Chameleone wrote on Facebook on Tuesday

Jose Chameleone apologies

“As African men, we respect African values and morals. The act is regrettable and should not have happened and will never happen again. On behalf of the Mayanja family, I kindly apologize,” he added

In the video, Chameleone asks his fans and friends to forgive him because the deed came out of excitement and energy on stage.

The Leone Island Music Empire boss says he was advised to clear the air by Capt. Mike Mukula who has also expressed his gratitude to the singer for heeding his advice.

Earlier today, renowned city pastor Martin Ssempa vowed to drag Chameleone to police and demanded a public apology from him over the same deeds which he described as “indecent and morally offensive acts.”

My names are Joseph Chameleone Mayanja, I hope this message finds everybody very well. First and foremost I want to thank you my fans, friends, and the whole country, the whole continent for supporting Legend Gwanga Mujje, the long-awaited concert that we enjoyed last weekend.

I wish to use this opportunity to also apologize to my fans, friends, for the deed me and Weasel shared on stage. I know most of my friends are really offended and didn’t carry it lightly.

I sincerely apologize. It was just too much energy, excitement. I actually regret it. The energy was so highand it was just a wrong way to share it with Weasel, my brother, and I also apologize on behalf of him.

I hope you accept my apology. Thank you!

Jose Chameleone

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