Winnie NwagiWinnie Nwagi

If there is any artiste you wouldn’t want to cross paths with, it is Winnie Nwagi. The Swangz Avenue artiste narrates how she was confronted by fans who seemed to get bitter with her after she denied taking selfies with them.

The Mataala singer revealed that she was at the restaurant and her (fans) came asking for selfies which she turned down since she wasn’t in the mood, but the fans didn’t like it when their request was turned down. So, they instead openly told her how they won’t be listening to her music ever again.

Nwagi wasn’t bothered, instead told them not to listen to her music again since she cannot plead with anyone to listen to her music.

“These fans found me in a restaurant and asked for selfies and I refused because I wasn’t in the mood and had no vibe. Besides I was eating and I have a right to say no, just try to be civilized. I’m not the type of artist who will keep quiet as you all step on me. Just go and familiarize yourself with your ogs and obs but not me. I can’t plead with you to listen to my music, if you don’t like it don’t listen to it.”

Winnie Nwagi

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