Herman BasuddeHerman Basudde

Who is Herman Basudde?

Herman Bassude was a Ugandan Kadongo Kamu singer of his own class. He was born on December 5, 1958, to Katende and Dimitiria Namyalo.

Basudde in Mukyala Mugerwa studied up to Primary three and later ran from his home village Bubondo to settle in Kampala.

He was so passionate about educating his children. By his death, one of his first born pair of twins Wasswa was a teacher at Peter K Gad, a Branch of the then famous Molly and Paul Schools in Kitovu, Masaka.

Born on December 5, 1958 to Katende and Dimitiria Namyalo, Basudde in Mukyala Mugerwa, talks about a woman that kills her husband to be with him, even when she had just met him; even when the song was done in 1986, like many of his songs, it mirrors things that are actually happening today.

Him along with late artist Paul Kafeero thrilled the music industry in the mid 1990s. His last album Eggwala was a great success but left fans wanting for more.

May His Soul Rest In Peace. Herman Basudde was born and buried in Bubondo, Masaka District, in southern Uganda.

Basudde speared headed a campaign tour themed ‘Munno Mukabbi, ‘Y’emunno Ddala’ literally meaning a friend in need campaign that was intended to collect funds for their then bedded ridden fellow Kadongo Kamu singer Livingstone Kasozi who suffered from HIV.

Funds were raised to build a home for his children and start up some business to support Kasozi’s family after his departure, among which was a music studio called Disan.

Munno Mukabbi tour was supported by Paul Kafeero, Lord Fred Ssebatta, Willy Mukabya and Sarah Bilungi among others.

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