Power, you want to talk to me about power, right?
It’s like am in a castle right now.
And am overlooking Kampala’s bright lights,
Everybody’s lined up.
And my car is pulling through the streets,
Everybody’s saying, “Koombaye!”

I’m the Lord of the Ring.
I’m not a slave, I’m a king.
I float and I sting.
It’s my rhymes to make your heart sing.
Feel the pain or the sling or the joy that I bring.
I was raised in the ghetto but now I shine and I bling.
When you put your heart to the ceiling, it’s a G you are feeling.
Hip-hop Uganda now looks up to me for healing.
In the studio or the stage, I’m looking for the Shilling.
Every dog has its day, it’s my time for the killing.
Many try hard, but they can’t stop the G from winning.
I’m the Best and, as long as the Art keeps spinning.
I’m evolving and building,
It’s not the end (Baboon Forest), it’s the beginning.
I’m making love to the game, you can call it my Second Cuming!
As a Newton of the game, I’m a magician with the flame.
When you hate, it’s a shame.
You’ve been late since I came.
I’m a god, you’re a pilgrim. Pay your Homage!
Let me live my dream, just let me get my cream!

(Zye, real talk, ah yeh!)
I remember growing up, sweet dreams were a myth.
So you know to unman, a nigga had to sweat like Keith.
Through the cold, I was gritting my teeth with my sis,
With no accommodation, broke,
Lying in the abyss (I remember that time).
I’m the type of nigga radio used to diss,
But now am in bliss because am a crown prince.
Peace to my nigga Emron for the Genesis.
Coz’ now we pack Greatness like Guinnesses.
Baboon Forest, we the bubble geniuses,
Show you how to turn dem poems into businesses.
I’m not an artiste, am a legend.
You’re a curtain-raiser, am the main event.
Don’t you know, am Socrates when I think,
Am Gandhi when I speak, Chinua Achebe when I rhyme.
Am a GOD-guided missile, it’s the heat that I seek.
The Luga-flow Jet Li, it’s like a kung-fu flick, the way I kick.

(Zye) Aliri mawe,
So I think I need some Berry-on and Rozelle (eh).
Tonight, all my troubles seem so far away (yes).
I’ve seen more drama than Broadway (I did, man).
In the club, I need a needle in my record play (yes).
Damn, can you let a nigga sway (What’s up Mckenzie?)!
I refuse to lose like Mugabe in Zimbabwe (yes).
Leka nkole ebyange, bakole ebyabwe (hahaha)!

Rude bwai music!
Dedicated to my first love: Hip-hop.
Zye! And the fans, man. Yo fans, man. The fans.
Aliri mawe, I think I need some Berry-on and Rozelle, eh.

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