Dr Cephco and fullfigureDr Cephco and fullfigure

Ugandans have taken to social media to express their support for a man named Dr. Cephco. Jennifer Full Figure, a self-styled presidential advisor whose real name is Jennifer Nakangubi, has had the famed tik toker Dr. Cephco arrested and jailed.

Cephco was detained by Full Figure yesterday for repeatedly disrespecting her without cause. Unfortunately, the mother of the motor-mouthed tik toker was put behind bars as well.

However, Ugandans on social media argue that while arresting Cephco was justified, roughing up his mother was unreasonable.

Some celebrities like Bruno K and Micky Seems Too Funny asked Full-Figure to leave Dr. Cephco in prison for as long as he can learn but let his mother out because she has not offended anyone.

Full Figure accuses the mother to be lying about her working with the state, something which wasn’t true.

Dr. Cephcoh on TikTok:

Dr_cephcoh1 (@dr_cephcoh1) TikTok | Watch Dr_cephcoh1’s Newest TikTok Videos

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