Desire Luzinda and LevixoneDesire Luzinda and Levixone

Popular singer Desire Luzinda made the decision to give up secular music and commit her life to God in the early part of 2017.

She underwent a life shift after becoming Born Again, and she has since been singing gospel music and setting an example for her followers.

Additionally, she has committed her life to philanthropy through the Desire Luzinda Foundation and has seized every opportunity to spread the gospel through her platforms.

There has long been a rumour that her choice to change her life was significantly influenced by a close friend named Levixone.

Since the two have been extremely close for a few years, there have been rumours that the well-known gospel singer and Luzinda may be considering spending the rest of their lives together as a pair.

The USA-based Luzinda visited Uganda last week and joined Levixone in attendance at a friend’s wedding.

Desire Luzinda

Numerous rumours claim that Luzinda and Levixone are organising a Kwanjula to formally declare their relationship.

According to the local tabloid Matooke Republic, Luzinda is in the nation since the Kwanjula is scheduled to take place this week.

However, neither the singer nor Levixone has replied to the allegations. We’re interested to see how this develops further.

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