Diamond Platnumz and ZuchuDiamond Platnumz and Zuchu

The dating rumors fueled by Diamond Platnumz’s mum and friend Juma Lokole are now starting to sound real, as words making rounds online are that there will be a star-studded wedding in 2 weeks where Diamond will take Zuchu to be his wife. Sounds serious.

Writing on her Instagram page Zuchu’s mother, the self-titled Queen of Taarab Khadija Kopa wished her daughter happiness on her “big day” on February 14.

“Zuhura, my daughter, I have raised you with proper morals and I know you are a girl who has always made the right decisions and as your mother, I have nothing but support for you. February 14 is going to be your big day, there is no woman who does not have this dream. May the Almighty bless you, I know you will not let me down,” she wrote.

Unachezaje‘ singer has been in several relationships with East African princesses like our very own Zari Hassan who was not only promised a princess-like wedding but was promised to be the only woman he would ever date.

Then, there was Tanasha Donna who was also promised a wedding on Feb 14th but as the story goes….it never happened.

And now looks like Zuchu has been added to the popular list – but judging from how strict her mother Khadijah Kopa is – we can promise that this time around Diamond Platnumz will not be doing any monkey business.

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