Cindy Sanyu introduces fiance Prynce Joel Okuyo AtikuCindy Sanyu introduces fiance Prynce Joel Okuyo Atiku

Singer, Cinderella Sanyu Muyonjo aka Cindy introduced her fiance, Prynce Joel Okuyo Atiku to her family in Serere district, Eastern Uganda. Back in June, the two were involved in a very beautiful introduction ceremony where he [Joel] was introduced to Cindy Sanyu’s parents.

Cinderella Sanyu has always kept his man off-camera. But now it’s official, Joel Okuyo Atiku is ‘Mr. right.’ To hurt the secret admirers more I’m sorry to break it for you but they’re expecting a baby too.

Well, it’s very evident that all men that have ever drilled Cindy Sanyu didn’t have a chance of being introduced to her parents. Cindy and Atiku started chewing themselves LIVE way back in March 2020. And this is the time they both got engaged.

Even though we reported a few months back on how she had given herself a music break to concentrate on her family, Cindy is still the president of the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA).

Congratulations to the couple!

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