Selina drops Massive VideoSelina drops Massive Video

Following the release of a massive video by popular TikToker Mitchelle Selina aka Life of Selina, the internet is ablaze with holiday cheer.

Mitchelle Selina, also known as Life of Selina, is a popular Instagram and TikTok content maker.

She is a dance enthusiast and MUBS student, according to the information we have received. Videos of dancing make up the majority of the stuff she posts on TikTok and other platforms.


Netizens have been following a balanced optical nutritional diet since the start of this year, thanks to well-wishers; Kyambogo Student and the BSU student.

However, we can categorically state that Selina is superior to the aforementioned in terms of video quality and beauty. Selina’s video has already been named by some online users as the year’s biggest hit.

We now know that Selina removed her Instagram account’s images before deactivating it after the video became online.


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