Azawi real names Priscilla Zawedde born in 1996 is a Ugandan multi-talented singer-songwriter signed to Swangz Avenue in 2019. Years ago, Azawi was motivated to pursue music and dance after routinely going with her mother to watch traditional dance shows by a traditional dance group called Ndere Troupe.

The 26-year-old Azawi sings in both Luganda and English as she combines various styles of music, such as Afrobeat, Reggae, and R&B, to create Afrofusion, a genre she claims is not unique to any one country, though she does her best not to limit her musical abilities to a single genre.

Azawi’s Education Background

Azawi attended Buganda Road Elementary School, Lubiri SS, London College in Nansana before switching to St Henry’s College in Ggangu Masajja, where she completed her O’level.

Azawi went to St. Janani Luwum Secondary School for A-Level where she only studied senior six because of financial issues in her family and scored 13 points in her UACE exams. Later joined University and graduated in 2020 from Makerere University with a bachelor’s degree in commerce.

How did Azawi get her name?

The female star got her name Azawi derived from her name Zawedde (Ffumbe Clan) which she initially wanted to shorten as Zawi but Swangz Avenue found out that the name was copyrighted by Sarah Zawedde. They advised them to change the name. 

Julius Kyazze, the top mogul of the label suggested adding an A to the name to make it Azawi which they found quite interesting and comfortable to move with hence the name Azawi.

Azawi’s Music career background

In 2005, Azawi became a member of the Kika Dance Troupe where she learned a lot about playing instruments and dancing for 6 years. She credits her creativity to the dance and performance crew.

With the aid of a friend and her brother who served as her mentors, Azawi began writing songs for a few Ugandan musicians, including Lydia Jazmine, Nina Roz, Eddy Kenzo, and others.

Azawi was discovered and signed by Swangz Avenue as a songwriter. It all started when Kusseim had opened up his studio after splitting with Eddy Kenzo. Since they’re good friends, Kusseim invited Azawi to hop on a beat he had made for her and a demo was made. And that’s how Quinamino was born, a single that acted as her turning point.

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After recording the demo, Azawi thought the best artist to sing the song was Winnie Nwagi and Kusseim decided to contact Julius Kyazze of Swangz Avenue. Kyazze loved it and asked for more projects from Azawi to see how good she was. 

Kyazze loved the songs and invited her for a meeting at Swangz Avenue and Azawi thought they were just going to pay her for the written projects. But instead got signed and in January 2020, she released her first single Quinamino off “LO FIT.”

Azawi’s first record was a five-track EP dubbed “LO FIT,” and Repeat. Later she dropped African Music which garnered her international recognition after featuring on YouTube’s Black Voice, and features from artists like Chike, Bensoul, and DJ Neptune

She became the first female Ugandan artist to appear on the New York “Times Square” and Los Angelos billboards.

Due to the success of her music on numerous streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, she is also acknowledged as an Afropop singer in Uganda.

List of all Azawi’s songs

Azawi has projects so far, an EP dubbed “LO FIT,” with tracks like Quinamino, Lo Fit, Crazy Lover, Mbinyumirwa, and Repeat.

African Music’ and its Deluxe by Azawi is made up of 20 tracks. These include; 

  1. Gimme
  2. Craving you heavy
  3. Bamututte
  4. Thankful ft Benon
  5. Majje ft Fik Fameica, 
  6. Slow dancing
  7. Face Me ft A Pass
  8. Fwa Fwa Fwa
  9. Ku Kido, 
  10. My Year
  11. Tubatiisa
  12. Party Mood
  13. Nkuchekele ft Eddy Kenzo, 
  14. Love you is easy, 
  15. African Music
  16. Ache for you.
  17. Craving You Heavy ft Chike (Remix)
  18. Envision
  19. Looking Forward ft Ben Soul
  20. Feeling ft DJ Neptune

FAQs and Knowledge

Qn Who are Azawi’s favorite artistes?

Burna Boy, Wizkid, Rihanna, and Bobi Wine.

Qn How many songs does Azawi have?

Azawi has 25 songs, the 5 songs off her ‘LO Fit’ EP and 20 songs off her African Music album

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