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Producers identifying themselves on songs wasn’t a big deal back then. Instead, it was more of a studio “thing.” Lemme explain. Back in the 2000s, Production studios like Kann Records were the only ones heard on almost every Band music song. Right now nearly every producer would want his producer tag on every song he has produced/mastered – from “Nessim Pan Production” to “Fresh” and many more.

In this article, we’re listing some of the best-known Ugandan producer tags and the masters behind all the amazing jams you vibe to.

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Here is our list of all of the producers and their tags.

1. Nessim: “Nessim Pan Production”

2. Artin Pro: “Artin on the beat”

3. D’Mario: “D’Mario Pan Dis” or “Ah dis a Legend production”

3. Producer Ronnie: “Yeah It’s Don,” “Don,” “Rony on this one,” and “Ronnie da Don”

4. Diggy Baur (Bow wow)

5. Kraizy Beats: Kraizy

6. Bomba (Oh my God Bomba made my beat)

7. Eliarkis: “Eliarkis Music”

8: Herbert Skillz: “Skills on the beat” or “Herber Herber Herber”

9. B.I.T: “It’s BIT on this beat”

10. Producer Legend: “Legend”

11. Shaq: “Shaq on the beat”

12. Dr Fizol: “Doctor Fizol”

13. Side Soft: “Side Soft”

14. Kaysam: “Kaysam Ku Mapesa” or “Let dem fear”

15. Kuseim: “Fresh”

16. Pro. Sekret: “Hey Sekret”

17. Fyno: “Kookie Pan”

18: Prod. Brian beats: “Brian Beats”

19. Prod. A-Steyn: “A-Steyn”

20. Prod T.O.N: “T.O.N”

21: Daddy Andre: “Andre on the beat”

22. Aban Beats: “Aban Beats” or “Aban on my beat”

23. Eno Beats: “Eno Beats”

24. Wani: “Wani Production”

25. Pro Ian Pro: “Ian Pro”

26. Pro Eddie Dee: “Eddie Dee”

27. DT Timo: “DT Timo”

28. Yaled Pro: “Yaled”

29. Prod Nexo: “Nexo Ku Ngoma”

30. Saint Andrew: “Saint Andrew Music:

31. Pro One Blessing: “One Blessing”

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