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2021 was really a tough one for Ugandans from the beer flu to phony elections, I don’t really need to go down there but as Ugandans we always say regardless we move. These are the sayings or Uganda slangs that managed to break through in the year 2021.

2021 blessed us with these sayings

  1. Tokisusa
  2. Tolina ky’ongamba
  3. Ba dear
  4. Eeeh, my Lord I wonder
  5. Olemwa
  6. Gamba N’ogu
  7. Kyiine Ssupu
  8. Eteta
  9. Ba ex bonna baffa
  10. Njagala Vibe
  11. Naive
  12. Process by process
  13. Mugaati
  14. Tojja Zzina
  15. Wadacyana
  16. Chilling with the big boys
  17. Gulu
  18. Eat that money
  19. Isaaa a Friday
  20. And therefore
  21. Tusimbudde
  22. Muwunya
  23. Covidex
  24. Leeta Akathala
  25. This life no balance
  26. U gerrit? if you don’t gerrit forget about it
  27. As an artist i appreciate
  28. Twebereremu
  29. Omugenzi
  30. Kwetega

You might as well add yours. We try again next year—ciao!

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